We are the sauna specialists in Perth for traditional saunas, infra-red saunas and steam rooms

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Custom Built Saunas is our trade name and we have operated successfully since 1983 in Perth.
We have installed Saunas, Steam Rooms and Hot Tubs in hotels, gymnasiums, aquatic centres, small homes, medium and executive residences in Perth and regional Western Australia.

We at CBS take pride in our workmanship and take special care in selecting first class materials for all products which we custom made, import or buy locally.

Due to our extensive experience we are able to give expert advice to home owners, architects, DIY and professional builders regarding lay-outs, materials, equipment, pre-preparations and electrical requirements for all our products.

You'll sure to be impressed with what we have to offer, so feel free to call us to discuss our hot tub and sauna range in Perth today.

CBS Product Range

  •  Custom built traditional Saunas for domestic and commercial users
  •  Pre-fabricated or custom built infrared Saunas
  •  Custom built Steam Rooms
  •  Hot Tubs and associated decking
  •  Suppliers of Sauna heaters, combination heaters, various controls
  •  Suppliers of Steam generators and controls
  •  Accessoories for Saunas and Steam rooms
  •  Spare Parts
  •  Timbers for DIY and kit forms
woman in sauna room in Perth

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There is no scientific conclusive evidence that any one of the below mentioned bathing applications is superior, it is rather a personal preference

The traditional Sauna is heated to temperature between 80 and 110 degrees centigrade using either an electric or wood fired oven. Water can be poured over hot stones.

Traditional Sauna can be equipped with a Combi heater which ads steam on demand creating a more humid environment and the temperature is reduced to 60 to 80 degrees.

The heat in Infrared Sauna is created by carbon fiber panels, run between 35  and 65 degree centigrade.

The heat in a Steam Room is created by a steam generator and usually heated between 45 and 55 degrees centigrade but 100% humidity.

Hot Tubs usually run at a temperature between 28 and 40 degree centigrade, equipped with blower and pump, to create air bubbles and power jets.

We also have to point out that it is advisable that persons with any kind of medical conditions, including children, should   consult a medical practitioner before using the above mentioned bathing method.